What is cold brew?
Cold brew coffee is a lower acidotic, higher caffeine content, smoother tasting cup of coffee. Similar to "Iced coffee" in that is cold but different because of the process of how it is made. Because of the low acidity of the cold brew, it doesn’t upset your stomach or stain your teeth as badly as a traditional cup of coffee. It also will stay good in your fridge for up to 8 weeks without losing flavor or going bad.
Why choose Red Hat Coffee?
We offer a single origin cold brew coffee, in which majority of the cold brews on the market today are a blend from different regions. The reason is, we want you as the consumer to be able to taste what true Colombian coffee tastes like and we will expand to different regions as we grow and offer more flavors. We also brew/roast in small batches week to ensure the freshest quality product for our customers.
Where is our coffee made?
The beans we use to make our coffee are a Colombian Superemo bean that we get in green and had roasted in small batches to ensure the freshest coffee possible. We only roast enough beans for a 2 week period to keep them from going stale. After having them roasted, we grind them up in a certified food kitchen in El Cajon, CA and produce smaller batches to provide the freshest product possible.

...for those on the grind

Our signature "Cold Gold" consists of grinding the freshly roasted beans to a coarse grind and immersing the grounds in cold, purified, California water. We let the grounds sit for a 24 hour period before straining the cold brew and bottling.