About Us


On the job site, employees that have been with the company 6 months or less have to wear a red hat at all times on the job site. This signifies to the rest of the crew that there is a new guy around so that everyone looks out for them safety wise. It also tells them that just because this new employee has been with the company for a short amount of time, they still want to hold them to the same standard as the employee who has been with the company for 20+ years. We use that same methodology with our coffee company, although we are the new shop on the block, we want you to hold us to the same standard as you do the coffee shops that have been in the game a long time.

Ryan King, President

Ryan is a visionary and helps to push Red Hat in the direction it is going today. His background in the military as well, had him drinking a lot of bad coffee on US submarines. With a passion to create a successful business, he was a perfect fit to move Red Hat from a hobby to a real legitimate business.   



Dustin Braun, CFO

Dustin’s passion for coffee started in college at CSU, Chico. While working on his degree in business, he spend many of late nights drinking cheap coffee to stay awake. Overtime his palette for better tasting coffee developed and so did his understanding of difference between quality coffee and cheap coffee. With a background in business and manufacturing, Dustin was a great compliment to help get Red hat of the ground.


Allie Braun, Marketing & Business Development

Allie is Red Hat’s Marketing and Development Specialist and a San Diego native. She received a BA in Liberal Studies from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After returning home, she joined local healthcare system, Scripps Health as a Program Analyst. Allie currently attends Point Loma Nazarene University for a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. As an avid supporter of local business, she brings her creative and artistic skills to the Red Hat Team.