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What is Red Hat Coffee? 

Red Hat Coffee is a beverage company founded by Ryan King and James Darenkamp in Southern California. They started with cold brew and they continue to expand their creativity towards exciting and delicious new products.

How is Red Hat Coffee different from other coffee brands? 

We use minimal ingredients, all of great quality and taste. We care about creating beverages that fuel minds and bodies with all-natural ingredients and no sketchy stuff.

Where can I buy Red Hat Coffee? 

You can purchase online on Amazon or in-store in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX, and New York City, NY. Stay tuned for further in-store locations!

Can I purchase on Amazon? 

Yes! You can purchase on Amazon here

Where can I find the nutrition facts? 

The nutrition facts are listed in the images of each product listing page. 

Does this product have to be kept cold? 

No! They are best served cold or iced, but all RHC products can be stored at room temperature.

How can I contact Red Hat Coffee for support? 

Email us at We aim to get back to you within 24 hours! 

What kind of coffee do you use for your cold brew? 

Our oatmilk lattes use a blend of South American coffees. We find the chocolate and nutty tasting notes in the blend pair perfectly with Oatly’s oatmilk.

How much caffeine is in each oatmilk latte? 

There are approximately 75 mg of caffeine in each oatmilk latte can. This is more caffeine than the average single shot espresso based drink!

Are these oatmilk lattes gluten-free? 

Yes! All of our oatmilk lattes are made with gluten-free Oatly oatmilk.

Are these oatmilk lattes keto? 

Unfortunately, no. Oats are naturally high in carbohydrates, which makes them difficult to drink on a keto diet.

Why isn't the Peanut Butter Oatmilk Latte allergen-free? 

We spent lots of time trying to develop an allergen-free peanut butter oatmilk latte, but we weren’t satisfied with any of the final flavor profiles. In order to offer the best taste and quality, it made more sense to use peanuts in the final formulation!