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Our Story

Our Mission.

As creators and entrepreneurs, we constantly strive to be flexible and dynamic in our innovation. We admire versatility in people, and we feel the same about our products. We aim to create drinks that fit your diet and lifestyle without compromising convenience, taste, or quality.

Why do we make cold brew?    

That’s a great question, and our answer is that we believe it’s better. Cold brew coffee has a lower acid content than your average coffee, due to the fact that it’s brewed with cold or room temperature water. Lower acidity means it’s easier on sensitive teeth and stomachs.


Our Founders

Ryan King and James Darenkamp jump started Red Hat Coffee in 2016 in San Diego, California. As avid coffee-lovers, the brothers-in-law discovered how much better cold brew coffee tasted early on. They quickly realized they couldn’t find many great options for it in their city, and decided to create their own.


“Red Hat Coffee is about the innovators, the artistic, the ambitious and the young at heart. Our wish is to give you the energy you need to reach for your goals and inspire others!" - Ryan King

Their love for coffee combined with their desire to create ethically sound products has led them to develop Red Hat Coffee- a community built on fueling innovation and creativity through delicious, high quality coffee.