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Our Story

 Hey, hey! Say hello to Ryan King and James Darenkamp, our team leaders. Ryan and James jump-started Red Hat Coffee in 2016 in San Diego, California. As avid coffee-lovers and once restless employees, the brothers-in-law decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure together and turned their old lives upside down. They no longer wanted to spend their days being told what to do nor continue prioritizing the "bottom line" over quality products. They wanted to build a worthy dream of their own, aimed at bringing joy to the little moments and encouraging creativity in everyday life. It turns out that coffee has the magical power to do just both. 

 Red Hat Coffee Co-Founders Ryan King and James Darenkamp

“Red Hat Coffee is about the innovators, the artistic, the ambitious and the young at heart. Fuel Your Creativity is at the heart of our mission. Our wish is to give you the energy you need to reach for your goals and inspire others!" - Ryan King

Red Hat Coffee is a community built on fueling innovation and creativity through delicious, high quality coffee. If you're into that, then looks like you just found yourself a spot in our coffee collective. Welcome home! 

Our Mission.

That's easy- To bring your daily drink to life. When did at-home coffee become so boring, and when did good coffee become so expensive? We have simple goals that we aim for relentlessly: to make coffee delicious, to only use plant-based ingredients, and to spark delight in a daily routine all while encouraging your creative endeavors along the way.

We admire the courage and individuality of our peers, and we want people to feel the same about our products. We aim to create coffee that lifts your spirits while energizing you through your lively pursuits. 

Why do we make cold brew?

Our decision to solely consume cold brew coffee is a direct result of our goals listed above. To be honest, we genuinely believe it’s better. Cold brew coffee has a lower acid content than your average coffee due to the fact that it’s brewed with cold or room temperature water. Lower acidity means it’s easier on sensitive teeth and stomachs, making us and our fellow coffee lovers quite happy. Goodbye stained teeth and post-coffee stomach aches!